Imaging through a scattering medium

Synopsis: Imaging through a scattering medium.

Level: MS.

Description: When light passes through or reflects off a strongly scattering medium, such as a painted wall, the incoming light rays undergo many deviations making it appear as if the outgoing rays are random. However, it has been shown that it is possible to measure the scattering properties of a medium, so that one can predict how an incoming light ray will be output from the system and thus computationally unscramble the light. The aim of this project is attempt to recreate these results and take an image through a strongly scattering medium. Part of the project will involve modifying a standard LCD display so that it can be used as a spatial light modulator. Then, a basic optical setup will be built to characterise the transmission properties of a scattering medium. Finally, the same optical setup will be used to take an image through the scattering medium. Note, however, that this description presents an optimistic schedule for the project and the student will not be required to complete all tasks.

Deliverables: Experimental setup and report.

Prerequisites: The project encompasses signal processing, optics and some coding. While the student should have basic knowledge of these fields, assistance will be provided by advisors specialised in these areas.

Type of Work: ~70% experimental setup, ~30% signal processing algorithms.

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