Talks by M. Vetterli

The ever-expanding physical boundaries of Signal Processing (slides)

  • MIT, “The Future of Signal Processing”, October 23, 2017

Euclidean Distance Matrices: A Short Walk Through Theory, Algorithms and Applications (slides, 7 MB pdf)

  • 53rd Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, UIUC, 29.09 – 02.10. 2015, Monticello, IL, USA.
  • Columbia University, Distinguished EE Lecture, Sept. 30, 2015.
  • MIT, RLE Seminar, Sept 28, 2015 (link to video).
  • ITA Information Theory and Applications Workshop, UCSD, 02.02.2015, La Jolla, USA. (short version)
Wavelets and Signal Processing: A Match Made in Heaven

  • 30 Years of Wavelets: Impact and Future, Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques, Luminy, Marseille, France, 23-24.01.2015 (slides, 5,08 MB pdf) (link to video).
Inverse problems in acoustics regularized by sparsity (slides, 7,68 MB pdf)

  • Royal Society International Scientific Seminar, Computations in infinite dimensions – Challenges in a continuous world, June 29 – July1st, 2014, Chicheley Hall, UK.
  • ITA 2014, UCSD,San Diego, USA, Feb 9-14, 2014,

Inverse Problems Regularized by Sparsity  (slides, 14,5 MB pdf)

  • Matheon workshop 2013, TU Berlin, December 12, 2013
  • ENUMATH 2013, August 27, 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland, Invited speaker.
  • Université Pierre et Marie Curie & CNRS, June 27, 2013, Paris, Séminaire “Méthodes Mathématiques du Traitement d’Images”.
  • IEEE ICASSP, May 28, 2013, Vancouver, Canada, Plenary talk.

Sampling, Sparsity, and Inverse Problems (slides, 14,9 MB pdf)

  • Institut Langevin, June 27, 2012, Paris, France.
  • University of Zagreb, September 20, 2012, Zagreb, Croatia.

Sparse Sampling: Bounds and Applications

  • ITA 2012, UCSD, February 9, 2012, San Diego, USA.

Sparse Sampling: Variations on a Theme (slides 7,41 MB pdf)

  • MIA 2012, January 16-18, 2012, Paris, France, Invited speaker.
  • Qualcomm, February 10, 2012, San Diego, USA, Invited Lecture.

Round Table on Reproducible Research

  • ICIP 2011, September 14, 2011, Brussels, Belgium. Invited participant.

Sampling in the Age of Sparsity. (slides 4,7 MB pdf)

Sampling Theory and Practice: 50 Ways to Sample your Signal (slides 5MB pdf)

  • The EURASIP Seminars, November 2010, Nara, Japan

Reproducible Research in Signal Processing (slides 13MB pdf)

  • The 2010 European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO-2010), August 2010, Aalborg, Denmark

Signal Processing and Sensing (slides 4,7 MB, pdf)

In-Network Signal Processing ( slides 8MB pdf )

Sparse Sampling: Theory Algorithms and Applications (slides 12MB pdf)

Inverse Problems and Sparsity with Applications in Sensor Networks and Ultrasound Tomography (slides 18MB pdf)

  •  INSPIRE 2009, September 24, 2009,London, England, Plenary talk
 Distributed Signal Processing and Communication for Sensor Networks (slides 7MB pdf)

  • IEEE ICASSP April 22, 2009, Taipei, Taiwan, Invited talk in the thematic symposium on “Network-Distributed Signal Processing”

Sparse Sampling: Theory, Algorithms and Applications (slides 7MB pdf)

  • IEEE ICASSP, April 20, 2009, Taipei, Taiwan, tutorial given by M. Vetterli, Thierry Blu (CUHK), Pier-Luigi Dragotti (ICL), Pina Marziliano (NTU)
 Signal Processing and Communications for Sensor Networks (video)

  • Google Tech Talk, April 1, 2009 , Zürich

Sparse Sampling: Variations on a Theme by Shannon (slides 15MB pdf)

  • Solvay Workshop on Sparsity, Learning and Computation, February 2009, Brussels, Belgium

Communications Research in Switzerland: A Brief History and a Look Forward ( slides 28MB pdf )

  • Nokia Research Center Lausanne, June 5, 2008, Opening keynote
 Wireless Sensor Network for Environmental Monitoring: the sensorscope experience

  • International Zurich Seminar, March 3, 2008

Signal Processing and Communications for Sensor Networks

  • MCDES, May 29, 2008, Bangalore, India,  Keynote talk
  • ABB Research, February 2008

Sparse Sampling: Variations on a Theme by Shannon

  • Polytechnique Paris, November 20, 2008
  • ETHZ, November 2008
  • MIT, October 2008
  • Columbia University, NY, October 2008
  • Information Theory and Applications, January 30, 2008, San Diego, Plenary talk
  • Qualcomm, San Diego, January 29, 2008, Invited talk
  A Short History of Packet Video 1987-2007: From an Esoteric Topic to a Core Technology

  • PacketVideo07, November 13, 2007, Lausanne, Switzerland, Keynote talk

DCT, Wavelets and X-lets: The Quest for Image Representation, Approximation and Compression, 

November 8, 2007

Sampling Sparse Signals at Occam’s Rate

  • EUSIPCO07 EURASIP, September 6, 200,  Posnan, Poland, Fellow Inaugural Lecture

On Fourier and Wavelets: Representation, Approximation and Compression

  • MTNS 2006, July 25, 2006, Kyoto, Japan, Plenary Talk
Distributed Signal Processing for Sensor Networks

  • SPAWC 2005, June 7, 2005, Plenary Talk, NYC, USA

Distributed Signal Processing and Communication in Sensor Networks

  • Berkeley Wireless Foundations, February 11, 2005
 Fourier, Wavelets and Beyond: The Search for Good Bases for Image s

  • ICIP 2004, October 25, 2004, Singapore,  Plenary Talk,
Joint Source-Channel Coding on Graphs and Applications in Sensor Networks

  • Capri School on Wireless Communications, September 13, 2004, Capri, Italy

On Fourier and Wavelets: Representation, Approximation and Compression

  • SIT 2004, July 1, 2004, Chicago, USA, Plenary Talk

L’Aventure des Ondelettes et la Compression d’Images

  • Cérémonie en l’honneur de l’éméritat d’Yves Meyer, January 9, 2003
 Distributed Signal Processing and Communications: Acquisition, Compression and Transport

  • Qualcomm, San Diego, USA, August 7, 2003
  • USC, Los Angeles, USA, August 6, 2003
  • Intel Research, Santa Clara, USA, July 31, 2003
  • EECS, UC Berkeley, USA, June 26, 2003
  • ICSI, Berkeley, USA, June 25, 2003
  • University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA, May 23, 2003
  • Advanced Telecom Research Center (ATR), Kyoto, Japan, May 8, 2003

Distributed signal Processing and communications: On the interaction of source and channel co ding

  • MobiHoc, June 3, 2003, Annapolis, USA, keynote speech
  • NFS Workshop on Signal Processing for Sensor Networks, December, 2002, Chicago

Sampling Signals with Finite Rate of Innovation: There is Life Below Nyquist!

  • Qualcomm, August 7, 2003, San Diego, USA
  • Advanced Telecom Research Center (ATR), May 9, 2003, Kyoto, Japan
  • ETHZ, January 13, 2003
  • This was given as the Brice Lecture at Rice University, September, 2002
  • Berkeley, USA, September, 2002
  • DIMACS Metting, Rutgers, August, 2002

Sampling Signals with Finite Rate of Innovation by M. Vetterli, T. Blu, I. Maravic, P. Marziliano, A. Ridolfi, J. Kusuma, 2001

Signal Representations: From Fourier to Wavelets and Beyond

  • University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA, May 19, 2003
  • Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, March 7, 2003
  • This was given as the Brice Lecture at Rice University, September, 2002
 Wavelets, Approximation and Compression: Beyond JPEG2000

  • SPIE Wavelets X, August 4, 2003, San Diego, USA, plenary talk
  • University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA, May 21, 2003
  • NEC Research, Tokyo, Japan, May 13, 2003
  • Sony Research, Tokyo, Japan, May 12, 2003
  • Auckland University, Auckland, New Zealand, April 24, 2003
  • New South Wales University, Sydney, Australia, April 1, 2003
  • Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, March 13, 2003
  • IEEE Victoria Section, Melbourne, Australia, March 5, 2003
  Wavelets, Approximation and Compression

  • Capri Workshop, September, 2002, Plenary talk


Wavelets, Approximation and Compression, Plenary talk, MMSP Workshop, Cannes, October 2001.
Sampling of signals with finite rate of innovation, Eurecom, October 2001.
Invited speaker, Sampling of Signals With Finite Rate of Innovation, Applied computational harmonic analysis, Hong-Kong, June 2001.
Self-Organized Mobile Communication and Information Systems, Swisscom, Bern, May 2001; IBM Research, Zurich, May 2001; and Motorola, Paris, May 2001.
Wavelets, Approximation and Sampling, Vision, Graphics and Image Processing Workshop, UC Berkeley, March 2001.
Wavelets, Approximation and Compression, MSRI, Berkeley, March 2001.
Invited speaker, Wavelets and Subband Coding, NATO Summer School, 20th Century Harmonic Analysis, July 2000.
Self-Organized Mobile Communication Systems, DSC Research Day, EPFL, July 2000.
Wavelets, Approximation and Compression, Invited talk, CBMS-NSFG workshop, St. Louis, May 2000.
Wavelets, Approximation and Compression, DSP seminar, UC Berkeley, April 2000.
Sampling in overcomplete and signal dependent spaces, invited talk, SAMPTA, August 1999.
Wavelets, Approximation and Compression, AT&T Labs, May 1999.
Wavelets, Approximation and Compression, Bell Labs, May 1999.
Wavelets and their Impact on Compression, COST254 Workshop, Neuchatel, May 1999.
Wavelet Compression: A Review, Plenary speech, SPIE Orlando, April 1999.
Approximation and Compression of Piecewise Smooth Functions, Royal Society, March 1999.
Wavelet Compression: A Review, SSC Seminar EPFL, November 1998.
Wavelet Compression: A Review, Erlangen, November 1998.
Wavelets and Compression, Semestre Image, Institut Poincare, Paris, October 1998.
Wavelet compression: a review, Stanford, May 1998.
From wavelets to video over internet, SSC Research Day, EPFL, June 1997.
Ondelettes et Applications, Remise du Prix Latsis 1996, Berne, January 1997.
Wavelets and Applications in Signal Processing and Communications, Sem. IA, EPFL, January 1997.
Wavelets and Applications in Signal Processing and Communications, and Best Bases and Signal Compression, Wavelet Day, Antwerp, December 1996.
A signal processing view of multiwavelets, Invited lecture, Workshop on Spectral Techniques and Wavelets in Signal Processing, Institute of Mathematics of the Medical University of Luebeck (Germany), October 1996.
Wavelets and applications in signal processing and communications, Plenary lecture, SPIE Wavelet Conf., Denver, August 1996.
Wavelets and applications in signal processing and communications, Plenary lecture, ILP, UC Berkeley, March 1996.
Interaction of source and channel coding for packet and wireless video, ETHZ, Dept of EE Seminar, February 1996.
Interaction of source and channel coding for packet and wireless video, Cambridge, Issac Newton Institute, November 1995.
The interaction of source and channel coding in wireless and packet video, Symposium on Multimedia Communications and Video Coding, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York, October 1995.
Multiwavelets, multidimensional wavelets and binary friendly wavelets, Mathematisches Institut Oberwolfach, August 1995.


Wavelet Tutorial, with J. Kovacevic and V. Goyal, ICIP2000, Vancouver, Sept 2000.
Wavelets and Applications, 1 day tutorial, SPIE Orlando, April 1999.
Wavelets and Applications, Tutorial, SPIE, Spring 1999.
Wavelets tutorial, ICASSP98, Seattle, 1998.
Wavelets, A Review, TFTS Symposium, Tutorial, October 1998.
Wavelet tutorial, 1/2 day tutorial, Monte-Verita Workshop on Wavelets and Applications, September 1998.
Tutorial on Wavelets, 1 day course, ETHZ Summer course, July 1998.
World Wide Wavelets, with J. Kovacevic, 1 day Tutorial, ICASSP98, Seattle, April 1998.
Wavelets, with I.Daubechies, National Academy of Sciences panel, Washington DC, March 1998.
Signal Processing and Wavelets, Tutorial, NORSIG-96, Helsinki, September 1996.

Short courses:

Wavelets and Applications

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
March 6, 2003
CERN May, 2001
Wavelet Compression: A Review, ETHZ Summer course, July 1998.
Wavelets and Subband Coding, 7 lectures at ETHZ, Zurich, Fall 1997.
Wavelets and Subband Coding, 7 lectures at University of Neuchatel, Spring 1997.