Baechler Gilles

   Audiovisual Communications Laboratory (LCAV )
School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC)
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Office: BC 322
Phone: +41 (0)21 69 37594
Fax: +41 (0)21 693 4312
Address: EPFL – I&C – LCAV
BC 322 (Building BC)
Station 14
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland


Gilles Baechler received his B.Sc. and my M.Sc. from EPFL in 2009 and 2012. He did an exchange during his last year of Bachelor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

During his Master, he did a 6-month internship at the Cryptography and Security group at Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ He did his Master Thesis at Qualcomm, San Diego, CA in the Office of the Chief Scientist, where he worked on finite rate of innovation (FRI) sampling.

After his Master, he spent a year at Morphean, a small startup active in the videosurveillance world. Since September 2014, he is pursuing a PhD at the  Audiovisual Communications Laboratory (LCAV )  at EPFL, under the supervision of Prof.  Martin Vetterli and Adam Scholefield. During the Fall 2017, he did an internship at Google Zurich.


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