Lionel Coulot

Doctoral Program in Computer & Communication Sciences
Research Assistant 
office(s): BC343 
phone: (+41 21 69) 35125
private phone: +41 (0) 78 739 72 60



I am currently a PhD candidate at EPFL School of Computer and Communications Sciences. My current research deals with the application of cutting-edge signal processing techniques to study financial markets under information asymmetry.



Main publications

Sparse Sampling of Signal Innovation: Algorithms and Performance Bound, Thierry Blu, Pier Luigi Dragotti, Martin Vetterli, Pina Marziliano and Lionel Coulot, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Special Issue on Compressed Sampling, vol. 25, no. 2, p. 31-40, March 2008
Topology preserving STACS segmentation of protein subcellular location images , J. Kovačević, G. Srinivasa, A. Chebira, L. Coulot, H. Kirschner, J.M.F. Moura, E.G. Osuna and R.F. Murphy, Proc Int. Congr. of the Int. Soc. for Analyt. Cytology Image Anal. and Recogn., Quebec, Canada, May 2006
Topology Preserving STACS Segmentation of Protein Subcellular Location Images , Lionel Coulot, Heather Kirschner, Amina Chebira, José M. F. Moura, Jelena Kovacevic, Elvira Garcia Osuna and Robert Murphy, Proceeding of the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Arlington, VA, April 2006