Baboulaz Loïc

Senior Project Engineer



LoicLoïc Baboulaz received his MS in Communication Systems from EPFL in 2004 and PhD from Imperial College London in 2008. He spent 6 months in 2002 at NEC Multimedia Research Laboratories in Japan working on error concealment techniques for audio streaming, and in 2004, he worked at Sony Research Laboratories in Germany to design a color management strategy of a projector prototype based on super-bright LEDs. The same year, Loïc joined the Communications & Signal Processing Group at Imperial College for his doctoral research. There, he developped new sampling results for extracting image features and applied those to image super-resolution techniques. After receiving his PhD in 2008, he worked for CGG for 3 years as a geophysical researcher focusing on seismic processing of multicomponent ocean-bottom data. In 2011, Loïc volunteered at Baobab Health, a Malawian NGO, as a project coordinator for eHealth solutions in Malawi. He currently works at the Audiovisual Communications Lab (EPFL) on the eFacsimile project in cooperation with senior researchers at Google.

His current research interests focus on computational photography, sparse representation, multiview imaging as well as technology for Health & Education in emerging countries.


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Co-supervision of PhD students (with Prof. Vetterli ) :


Current project supervision:

  • Kevin Decoster on  3D geometry recovery from structured light system, Marter semester project, fall 2015.
  • Matthieu Rudelle, web developper for large data visualisation, intern, 2015.
  • Pierre Gabioud, web developper for user-interface & security,  intern, 2015.

Past project supervision:

  • Matthieu Rudelle,  Visualisation of high-resolution 3D images on a web application , Master semester project, spring 2015.
  • Gael Soudan, design and building of an illumination prototype, internship, summer 2014.
  • Federico Hernán Martínez López on 3D reconstruction from photometric stereo, Master semester project, spring 2014.
  • Julien Finaz on Compression of the surface reflectance functionsBachelor semester project, spring 2014.
  • Vincent Thimothee Namy on Computer-controlled light dome, Bachelor semester project, spring 2014.
  • Cynthia Oeschger on A digital window for artworksBachelor semester project, spring 2014.
  • Raffaele Canale & Michael Schmutz on Eye imaging using light field cameraBachelor semester project, spring 2014.
  • Seyed Mohsen Moosavi Dezfooli, Web Interface for Image Relighting, Master semester project, fall 2013.
  • Damien Firmenich, Methods for Estimating the Point-Spread Function of Lytro camera, Master thesis, fall 2013 (with Prof. Susstrunk).
  • Marion Hoogstoel on  Wide-Azimuth Illumination and High-Resolution Image Acquisition of Artworks  , Master semester project, spring 2013.
  • Clement Marx on Light-field image stitching, Master thesis, spring 2013.
  • Pierre-Antoine Sondag on Youtube Search & Discovery project (Google Paris), Master thesis, spring 2013.
  • Pascal Bienz on Extraction of Handwritten Medical Data from Paper Forms in Malawi, Master semester project, fall 2012.
  • Viorela Marcu on graphical user-interface for XY-table and camera control, summer internship 2012.



BC 340   , Station 14  
CH-1015 Lausanne  
Phone: +41 (0)21 693 1277  
E-mail: loic.baboulaz [at]